Facilitator Dashboard

The Facilitator Dashboard is the space you see when you sign in to your P2PU account. From here, you can create and manage your learning circles and see what else is happening around the community.

See the dashboard: https://learningcircles.p2pu.org/en/

Sections of the Dashboard

Member Learning Circles

Members of our Teams program have access to learning circles hosted by P2PU staff. Learn more about the Teams membership program here.

My Learning Circles

This section of your Dashboard shows the learning circles you are facilitating. One tab lists your Active & Upcoming learning circles, and a second tab lists your Completed learning circles. If you don’t have any yet, click “Start a learning circle” to create one.

Courses I've Added

As a facilitator, you can add online courses to the P2PU platform to use in a learning circle. This table shows the courses that you have added, along with a link to go to the course editing page for each one. Visit our website to Add a Course.

My Team's Learning Circles

You only have this table if you are part of a Team. It shows all of the learning circles facilitated by members of your Team.

If you are part of a larger organization that is running learning circles (such as Chicago Public Library), you should contact your learning circle organizer to make sure that you are added to the team. This will ensure that information about your learning circles is shared with them and that you have access to this section on your Dashboard.

Joining a Team

Some elements of the dashboard are only visible to members of a Team. (More About Teams)

Joining a Team means:

  • Your learning circles will appear on your Team’s learning circle page, making it easier for people in your community to find your learning circles.

  • You’ll be informed of other learning circles happening across your Team through your dashboard and a weekly update. (You can configure email communications in account settings).

  • Your email address will be visible to other members of your Team in the weekly update.

  • Information about your learning circles will be included in any reporting or evaluation that your Team is conducting.

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