Courses for Teams

Curated Course Lists

Sometimes, teams want to limit the selection of courses that their facilitator community can choose from. So long as you've done your homework to ensure that the courses you're selecting are desirable for your community, this can be a good practice for a few reasons:

  • It removes a step in the process for facilitators who are just getting started

  • It allows the team to prioritize topics that align with other strategic goals

  • It creates a shared space for facilitators to work together and share feedback on the same courses

This functionality will expanded in the coming months so that it can be handled directly from the organizer dashboard. For now, we do this by adding a tag to courses that you want to feature (see Chicago's list). You can add tags to courses that you add; if you want us to add a tag to an existing course in our library just reach out.

Proprietary Course Management

P2PU regularly moderates the list of online courses available in the open courses library to remove courses that are not open or freely accessible to the public. However, many institutions have memberships or licenses for paid course vendors that their patrons can access and that they might want to use for learning circles. In this case, the P2PU staff will flag a course as “proprietary” which means it will no longer appear on the public course page search but will still be visible to all teammates of the person who added the course to the library.

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