Credit-Bearing Resources

An introduction for facilitators leading credit-bearing learning circles

With support from Walmart, P2PU, College Unbound, and Providence Public Library have developed a pathway from library-based learning circles to college credit. For now, this project is only open to individuals who have participated in a P2PU credit-bearing learning circle training (see upcoming events) using free online Courses Approved for Credit by College Unbound.

The primary difference between standard learning circles and learning circles for credit is that credit-seeking participants must complete a personal learning journal, which includes a weekly reflection, a wrap-up activity in their learning circle, and a few assignments that are part of the course.

Before the Learning Circle Begins

  1. Participate in a P2PU credit-bearing learning circle training (see upcoming events or contact us).

  2. Create a learning circle using one of the approved courses, or nominate a new course for credit.

  3. Email us at to add your learning circle to the College Unbound signup page for increased promotional visibility.

  4. Add information about credit to your signup page and promotional materials.

Participants in this learning circle have the option to earn college credit from College Unbound. In order to earn credit, you must complete a learning journal while participating in the learning circle. For more information, refer to the FAQs.

During the Learning Circle

  1. During the first meeting, make sure everybody who wants to apply for credit has their own copy of the learning journal, referring to Credit-Bearing FAQs for learners as needed.

  2. Remind participants that you will not be grading or correcting the learning journal. Submit any questions about learning journals and the credit process to

  3. Throughout the learning circle, check in with participants seeking credit to make sure they are completing their weekly learning journal questions.

  4. When the learning circle ends, remind credit-seeking participants they have an additional three weeks to submit their completed learning journal to

Nominating a Course for Credit

If you're interested in proposing a new course for college credit, complete this form. We will respond to you within two days, and if we approve your proposal, P2PU will help you create a learning journal for the course.

When nominating a course using the Learning Circles for College Credit form, please keep the following in mind:

  1. More is better, even if sketchy: The more information you give us on the form, including your initial ideas and questions, the better we will be able to guide you on setting up this learning circle. In other words, this form isn’t a test but a tool to help us help you create an awesome learning circle through which participants can earn college credit.

  2. Links to the supporting MOOCs, resources, sites, etc are super helpful for us.

  3. When answering the questions about learning outcomes, levels, and Big 10 competencies, just go with your best guess. Don’t stress over these questions.

  4. We can help with final projects, but we’d also love to hear your ideas about what might (and possibly what might not) work.

  5. Give it a go, and we’ll get back to you with feedback!

To find courses that have already been approved, visit Courses Approved for Credit.

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