Community Support

Learning circles are built on open, equitable, and peer-based values. P2PU’s community of facilitators enact these values by identifying their communities’ learning needs, using free resources in their library/community spaces, developing their co-learning practice, and meeting other facilitators who share these values.

P2PU supports facilitators in deepening the organic, collaborative, and supportive relationships that sustain this community of practice:

  • We host events each month for facilitators to ask questions and get support, and we host community events on topics chosen by P2PU’s Team members.

  • We gather facilitators’ feedback through surveys and course ratings to make sure your insights can benefit every learning circle that follows.

  • We offer a forum for facilitators to ask questions, share resources, discuss courses, and collaborate on issues as they arise.

  • We maintain facilitator guides that make facilitation easier for non-experts, and many of these guides are created and submitted by community members.

Our community is built on facilitators’ participation, and our learning circles are stronger for it. Help us strengthen our community! Attend an event, sign up for our newsletter, and share stories from your learning circle on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. #learningcircles

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