Facilitator Guides
Adapting courses to the learning circle format
Facilitator guides are weekly agendas that help facilitators structure online course materials into a learning circle format.
Many online courses are designed for individual study, and this material doesn't always fit neatly into a learning circle structure. Here are some ways you can use facilitator guides to adapt courses to a learning circle format:
  • Change the length of time devoted to covering a section of the course
    • A common example: A free online course is structured into 4 weeks of 2-hour-long sessions, but your learning circle group can only meet for 60 minutes at a time. Use a facilitator guide to break up the content into 8 weeks of 60-minute-long sessions.
  • Share an editable version of the guide with learning circle participants so that you can all take collective notes, keep track of questions, and add links to helpful videos, articles, and activities
Here are some examples of facilitator guides that we love:
If you create a facilitator guide (no matter how simple or detailed!), you can share it back with the community by emailing it to [email protected].

Finding Facilitator Guides

You can search for all courses with facilitator guides on our Learning Resources page. For courses with facilitation guides, you can find the guide by visiting the "More Details" link.
Searching for learning resources with facilitator guides
Finding facilitator guides on course pages

Facilitator Guide Template

Facilitators are free to follow whatever process they like! You can create these with any tool you like, including Google Docs, Dropbox Paper, or P2PU’s hosted version of Etherpad.
P2PU follows this standard template when making new facilitator guides:
This template is shared under a CC BY-SA 4.0 and can be freely duplicated, modified, rearranged, or whatever else needed to plan a learning circle. You can make a copy of it here.