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Adapting courses to the learning circle format
As many online courses are designed for individual study, you'll sometimes find that the right learning material for your learning circle doesn't fit neatly into a learning circle structure. When that happens, you can either improvise with your learners during meetings or, using the learning circle typical structure as your guide, you can plan ahead how best to present the course material to your learning circle.
Here are some recommended adaptations that you can make to courses:

Facilitator Guides & Agendas

Many facilitators find it helpful to develop a weekly agenda to help structure their course materials in the learning circle format. Some facilitators choose to use these just for personal reference while others share them with their learners so everyone can keep track of progress together, and take collective notes. You can draft the materials in whatever tool you’re comfortable with, including Google Docs, Dropbox Paper, or P2PU’s hosted version of Etherpad.
Whenever possible, P2PU generalizes these agendas and shares them as Facilitator Guides. Facilitator guides are agendas for courses which highlight adaptations made to the original course materials and additional materials used. These guides provide facilitators the benefit of seeing how another facilitator has previously adapted a course for learning circles.
Here are some examples from the community:‌
We enthusiastically recommend facilitators share their facilitation guides, no matter how detailed or simple, back with the community. These valuable starting points can be the difference between a program happening or not!
To share your own facilitator guide with our community, please email us at [email protected].

Facilitator Guide Template

Though facilitators are free to follow whatever process they like, P2PU tends to follow a standard template when making new facilitator guides:
This template is shared under a CC BY-SA 4.0 and can be freely duplicated, modified, rearranged, or whatever else needed to plan a learning circle. You can make a copy of it here.
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