Learning Journals

Learning journals are designed to help learners reflect upon what they have learned, deepen their understanding, and make their notes more accessible when needed. Learning Journals comprise five unique components, three of which remain the same for every course.

  1. Weekly Reflection: A recurring reflection that asks learners to share a reaction, insight, and/or question that they are taking away from the learning circle session. (This question is is the same for each course and need not change each week).

  2. Weekly Prompt: A content-specific question that serves as an opportunities for learners to reflect on the course materials in their own words, and to connect it to past learning experiences. (Use our discussion question bank to help develop these questions).

  3. Final Reflection: A final reflection on the course that asks participants to describe their experiences, reflection on their initial expectations, and share their next steps in 1-2 pages. (This reflection is the same for every course).

  4. Final Assignment: An independent project that should take participants 6-8 hours to complete. This may require engaging with supplemental materials outside of the learning circle.

  5. Course Review: A paragraph-long reflection on the course materials (this review is the same for every course).

Submission For Credit: In order to receive credit, make sure this entire journal is filled out and send a copy of your journal to collegeunbound@p2pu.org within three weeks of your final learning circle meeting.

Learning Journal Template

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