Frequently Asked Questions
Learning Circle FAQs

What can I expect in the first meeting?

In the first meeting, you’ll get to know your fellow learners and familiarize yourself with the course materials that you’ll be using for the duration of the learning circle. Your facilitator may contact you before the first meeting with additional information.

What topics can I learn about?

Learning circles use free online courses as the basis of study. These courses come from online course providers, universities, and non-profit organizations from around the world. Any online course can be used, so long as it is free for participants and not in violation of the terms of service of the course provider.

Do learning circles cost money?

No. Learning circles are free to participate in and free to start.

Do I get a certificate at the end of the learning circle?

P2PU is not a university and does not offer any accredited degree certificates. Some of the online courses that are used in learning circles provide the option to purchase a certificate, which you can do if you so choose. It is, however, possible to receive a certificate of completion following your learning circle. You should speak to your facilitator if this is of interest to you.

What personal information do I need to provide in order to participate?

When you sign up for a learning circle, your email address and information provided in the signup form will be shared with the facilitator of the learning circle. You should expect to receive at least one email when you sign up, one email per meeting and maybe one or two other emails from your facilitator with extra information and/or a request to provide your feedback on the experience. Additionally, if you opt-in to hearing about future learning opportunities from P2PU, you will receive infrequent emails (4 messages per year or less) from P2PU. If at any point you’d like to withdraw consent, you can do so by following the instructions included in all messages we send you. Alternatively, you can also withdraw consent on this page.
If you’d like more information, you can review our privacy policy, terms of service or contact us at [email protected].

Can I facilitate a learning circle?

Yes! With a little bit of practice, anybody can facilitate a learning circle. Create an account and explore the resources in this knowledge base to get started.
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