Facilitator Support

P2PU offers additional support to Teams members, including members-only learning circles, extra features, staff onboarding sessions, and other professional development opportunities.

One-on-One Support

Teams members can make a one-on-one appointment with our Partnerships Lead, Q Goss, by logging into the dashboard.

Facilitators can also get help by emailing us at thepeople@p2pu.org, filling out our contact form on the website, and attending our public monthly facilitator calls. Subscribe to our community calendar on our events page.

Adding a co-facilitator

Co-facilitation is a great way to share facilitation responsibilities with colleagues, and Teams members have the added benefit of adding co-facilitators to their learning circles. This feature provides equal permissions to all co-facilitators to edit the learning circle, delete the learning circle, and receive all learners' messages.

Teams members can add a co-facilitator during the final step of the learning circle creation process. Teams members can also email P2PU at support@p2pu.org to request that we add co-facilitators to a learning circle.

You can edit your learning circle to add or remove co-facilitators at any time, and co-facilitators will receive a message when they are added to or removed from the learning circle.

Co-facilitator profiles will appear on the learning circle signup page. All co-facilitators will be mentioned in the signup message sent to learners, and all co-facilitator email addresses will be cc'd in messages to learners.

Co-facilitators will receive a single survey at the end of their learning circle, and we recommend that co-facilitators collaborate to share their insights.

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