P2PU offers additional functionality for institutions that are running learning circles across multiple locations or with a network of multiple facilitators (“teams”). Each team is led by an organizer who works closely with P2PU to ensure that facilitators in their area have everything they need to run learning circles.‌
Learn more about how to Start a Team on our website.
Teams are granted the following features and functionality, as detailed throughout this section:
  • Customizable learning circle team website (see Current Teams)
  • Weekly internal email with team updates and reflections
  • Curated course lists and proprietary course management
  • Aggregated learning circle feedback and data
  • Team profiles featured on the P2PU site
Teams receive additional benefits including facilitator training and onboarding support, access to P2PU-led virtual learning circles, and assistance finding, adapting, and developing new courses.
Interested in starting a P2PU team? Email us at [email protected] for more info!

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